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Nick Burden
Project Analyst, Private Equity, Business Development, Acquisitions
Nicholas A. Burden is a Managing partner of Epic Development Group. Mr. Burden’s role involves operations, including plan review, design and development as well as budgeting, offering memorandums and administration of purchase contract negotiations and acquisitions. Mr. Burden is uniquely qualified to direct all components of the company’s operations and has been involved in the Real Estate business for more than 10 years. Beginning as a land surveyor for his family’s real estate development firm in Florida, Mr. Burden learned all aspects of horizontal development as he worked his way up to Project manager. In 2003, he started N.C. Wealth Management, which focuses on raising private equity for commercial and residential construction projects. He was involved in structuring equity and packaging projects for builders and developers, to include; Park Square Homes, KB Homes and Desai Development. In 2006, Mr. Burden and his colleague Mahendra Samaroo, partnered with the real estate development firm, ALD II Inc., and created Epic Development Group. Since the inception of this company Mr. Burden has created a unique medically focused leaseback equity participation program for its clients. This has enhanced the ability of the company to acquire new business opportunities as the owner and construction manager. Mr. Burden also sponsors the West Orange Chamber of Commerce and participates with Habitat for Humanity.